About me

I like to play in the spaces where art and science intersect.

Whether it’s music, design, or theoretical physics, you’ll find me fascinated by the technical details that bring imagination into reality.

Jonathan Miller smiles in front of a wall painted solid-blue, spotted with sun breaking through shade

A smile my mother would be proud of.

I first set foot in a recording studio when I was 16. Love at first sight. I was overwhelmed by a need to understand how raw recordings were transformed into polished, radio-ready songs.

You see, sound is physics.

And once I understood that, I embraced the way constraints drive creativity; how a mastery of craft can allow you to make lemonade by turning constraints in your favor.

I am a person of many curiosities

How does a film colorist turn a flatly captured image into something rich with contrast and color? How does a sound designer turn simple sin and square waves into sounds we’ve never heard before, yet still register as unquestionably accurate? How does a celestial body warp space and time so profoundly that we can see what’s directly behind it?

I want to know.
A home recording studio with recording hardware

Pro audio

Writing songs is fun, and I’ve done it from time to time. But I really get absorbed when it comes to mix engineering and sound design. It’s like putting a puzzle together, but first, you have to make the pieces yourself.

A screenshot from the film-tracking app Letterboxd showing Jonathan's top 8 films


Maybe putting my Letterboxd favorites here isn’t smart. What I love about film is the way so many people of so many crafts have to work in concert to bring a vision to fruition.

An abstract photo of the hexagonal tiles of a museum exterior


My grandmother was a published wildlife and art photographer, so I learned at an early age how contemplating the world in stillness can evoke profound emotions, and I’ve carried that on with a passion for street photography.

Actress Jessica Chastain and physicist Kip Thorne stand at a chalkboard full of equations

Theoretical physics

That’s physicist Kip Thorne prepping Jessica Chastain on the set of Interstellar. The film’s story actually originated with him. The scale of the universe, the forces at play, the perspective it offers—it’s a boundless source of inspiration.

Professional audio

5-hour ENERGY: sound design, mix engineering.

5-hour ENERGY: sound design, mix engineering.

NBA: sound design, mix engineering.

Ford: original composition


A black and white photo of the dome at the Griffith Observatory in Los AngelesThe curvy metal exterior of the Seattle Museum of Pop Culture, with the Space Needle in the backgroundA black and white photo of the mushroom-shaped fountain at the center of el Museo Nacional de Antropología in Mexico CityA black and white photo of an elevated view of an urban park in Los AngelesA black and white photograph looking up at the sky while skyscrapers reach up